ShoHan Professional

Product Features

Can Be Colored

Genuine virgin hair that can be colored to blonde 613 and further any color can be used.

Can Be Restyled, No Lice / Smell

No lice, no odor, can be styled the way you desire.

Double Strong Weave

The weaves are done twice to ensure strong hold.

Perfect Ends With No Split Ends

Wisely chosen from raw bulk hair, with no split ends.

Shiny, Bouncy & Healthy Hair

Healthy hair that shine, bounce and give a glamorous look to you.

Tight & Neat Machine Weft

Beautiful, neat, tidy and tight weft. Making the permanence of hair weft more.

How To Use

Clip In Hair Extensions

Start by brushing your own hair with a brush. Be gentle and slowly detangle you hair. You can do the same with your clip in wefts. Section your hair using the rat-tail brush. Make a horizontal line across your scalp.

Position the wefts. Start with the largest one which belongs to the back of your head and then move to the front parts with smaller wefts. Always attach the clip in the middle of the weft first. Repeat until all your wefts are in place.

Blend the wefts with your hair. You can use brush, curling iron or straightener and other types of styling.

ShoHan Hair Extensions are available in the following textures

Silky Straight – Straight and smooth, has the look of East Asian hair.

Yaki – Straight hair that has the texture of relaxed Afro-Caribbean hair.

Coarse Straight – Straight with a wave.

Deep Wave – Looks like spiral curls.

Curly Wave – Similar to the look and feel of spiral curls.

Romance Wave – Also referred to as loose deep wave, offers softer and more romantic curls.

Kinky Curly – It recreates the look of natural Afro-Caribbean hair and has very tight “S” or “Z”-shaped curls.

Wet And Wavy – Also known as Spanish wave or Indian wave, it uses naturally curly human hair or hair that was permanently waved. It gives you soft natural-looking curls that become quite curly when wet as is typical for Latin American or South Asian hair.

Types of Hair Extensions We Offer 

  1. Weft Hair Extension
  2. Clip-on Hair Extension
  3. Tape on Hair Extension
  4. Keratin Hair Extension ( Pre-bonded Hair Extension)
  5. Frontal & Closures 
  6. Halo Hair Extension
  7. Wigs
  8. False Eyelashes