Company profile

The founders of the company with years of experience in the industry started a creative and marketing activity. They subsequently acquired:

An established research and manufacturing capability.
An efficient out sourcing, distribution and back office business.

ShoHan has always been looking ahead into future to give something, which was only always thought of. We have been linked with cosmetics since 1985 and now thought of bringing things that work at a jet speed since it is now a world of Instant. Most of our cosmetics work Instantly.


For manufacturing and maintaining a high quality product, apart from wining the confidence of the user in India and Overseas we maintain quality as per the BIS & JQSE & KQSE for our products.

BIS was formerly known as "Bureau of Indian Standards" and we are maintaining the quality as per BIS 10350 (Bureau of Indian Standard), JSQI (Japan Standard of Quasi-drug Ingredients) and KQSI (Korea Quality Standard Ingredients) standards as per drug and cosmetics department.

ShoHan products are very well know in India and are gaining popularity & acceptance in foreign market also. We want to bring the best at your step for the best and at the best price.