Magic Clean


A first time wet tissue for cleaning household and office items like fax machine, Computer, printer, computer table, stereo systems, TV, microwave, oven, fridge, travel suitcase, Shoes etc…..


It is like a magic cloth because it cleans and wipes out the dirt, small stains also. It is very magical and handy and easy to use without any burden

4 It saves time and makes job of cleaning easier as it wipes out the daily dust also.


Recommended once in a day to clean your every important and daily use household and office products to make them shine and clean and gives them a new and fresh look.


It comes in resealable pouch of 12's, use one and seal the pouch to keep the remaining tissues wet and fragrant.


It is scented and so keeps things smelling good. It is hygienic and pure.

4 Available in attractive resealable pouches so do not dry and remain wet and feel soft on expensive electronics.

PS** Reseal the pack properly to maintain the wetness and fragrance.

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