Manufacturing floor

Those who have tried our products have told us how much they loved them and how much and how much they couldn't wait to buy them. Now since they are widely available for sale, I hope you will try it and share your experience with the ShoHan team and love to tell everybody about it.

Our products are totally untouched by man & fully controlled by automatic machines. Each of our product is a challenge for us quality-wise, quantity-wise and consumer satisfaction-wise. We control the humidity in the manufacturing area, which is very necessary for life of our products. We mention Batch No., Manufacturing date & Expiry date on every pack so that any complain or query about a specific lot can be answered or the defect can easily be checked.

ShoHan and its researchers are busy designing several new and exciting personal care products that you, as consumers, have told us you need and want. Keep visiting ShoHan boutiques and our website to get the latest updates so you can be one of the first to know about our products.

Our Commitments

Your satisfaction is our aim. ShoHan is committed to providing the highest caliber product and service. ShoHan is committed to quality.

Quality & Quantity with a vast range of products that was never heard before; we are a step ahead into future. These together provide ShoHan its identity. From qualitative & quantitative research background having vast hands on experience in handling cosmetics is what is the main thing, which makes ShoHan products the best.

To ensure the best quality, we have fully automatic machines and we maintain the humidity in manufacturing area of the factory, which is very essential for the life of our products.