ShoHan Professional

Product Features

Effectively Washes Away Bacteria

Unique formulae that cleans your body pores, washes away dirt, pollution and bacteria.

Mild On Skin 100% Care

No harsh chemicals used, making the product 100% Safe, making you feel rejuvenated and energized all day long.

With Built In Active Skin Conditioners

Built in conditioners that soothes your skin, locks in moisture and makes your skin hydrated.

Max Freshness

French fragrance offers a nice bathing experience, leaving a pleasant smell on the body, hence making your body fresh and active throughout the day.

How To Use

Take a clean loofah to foam up the body wash.

Make sure to take adequate amount of body wash and distribute it evenly.

Move the loofah gently all over the body. This will allow ingredient to enter the skin cells. Keep the process slow and avoid rushing into rinsing process. Instead let the skin soak up the foundation’s goodness while gently rubbing loofah into your skin.

Rinse thoroughly to wash all traces of body wash lather. Do not rinse it off too aggressively.

Your skin is now fresh, hydrated and smooth; feeling soft, silky and energized. After drying with towel use a ShoHan Body lotion.