ShoHan Professional

Product Features

Natural Hair Style

Style and color your hair, your way.

No Bad Odour

No ammonia and no peroxide, so now bad odor and no bad smell during or post application.

No Damage To Hair

With the essence of natural ingredients that helps in stimulation of hair repair and strengthening rather that damaging with use of developers and ammonia.

Uniform Color

From top to bottom, uniform and same color with same depth.

Temporary Color

No commitment to long lasting color, wash hair and try a new color each day.

With Essence Of Tea Extracts

With the essence of tea extracts that helps in supporting healthy hair growth.

Easy To Use And Wash

Just apply and after your event, just wash it away with normal water. Back to normal hair again, without the damage of developer or ammonia.

With Essence Of Palm Wax Extracts

No petroleum by product used for the wax making it a totally natural product.‚Äč

With The Essence of Beeswax

With the essence of beeswax that helps in moisturizes hair, smooth and straightens hair and soothe scalp conditions.


Can be used by any gender.

How To Use

Protecting Yourself

Always wear protective gloves and apply a conditioner or petroleum jelly around the hairline and top of the ears to help prevent staining

Use fingertips to apply product onto sectioned hair. Add more hair color wax for greater intensity of color.

Twist or rake through hair for desired style. Use hair dryer or air dry thoroughly to avoid color transfer.

Style as you desire.

Note : If you want to remove the product ; just wash your hair with shampoo , it shall be washed out in one wash.