Nose Strips

Nose-On, is an adhesive black head removal strip, that claims to magically peel away pore clogging dirt and grime oil and debris. Imported from Korea, this strip can be used on chin, nose and forehead also.

Nipper, also helps removing dirt and excess of sebum from pores. This is imported from Korea.

These products actually shrink the size of pores and prevent debris from accumulation. What is being removed is dead skin cells and oxidized sebum which sit on the surface of the skin. These are effective in completely removing the blackness visible on the surface.

Aloe Vera Nipper contains aloe vera, extracted from the leaves of Aloe plant and renowned for its cooling and skin soothing properties. It removes the tan caused by harmful rays of the sun. These strips can be used on the face especially on the forehead and the chin, where the secretion of oil gives birth to black heads.

For optimum results of the black head removal strips, we recommend using strips one or two times a week.

Features / Benefits
4 Does not irritate skin
4 It decreases oil secretion from oil glands
4 Decreases the occuring of black heads
4 Decreases the size of pores so that black heads stop occurring
4 Since oil secreted by the oil glands is removed by the strip it prevents occuring of acne around the oily areas of face.

4 Do not use on areas with pimples, sunburned or excessively dry skin.
4 Do not use on areas sensitive to tape, bandages or peel off masks.
4 Suggested use 1-2 times a week. Should not exceed 3 times a week.
4 Keep in a cool & dry place.

Sub categories of Nose Strips
Nose-On Nipper Nipper with Aloe Vera