"Quality is the best way of life"

Our product ShoHan Japanese Instant Powder Hair Colour is totally free from Ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide. It is very convenient to use, as only water according to measuring cup (enclosed) has to be mixed.

Black head removal strip, is an adhesive nose strip, that magically cleans away pore clogging dirt and oil & debris. This strip can be used on chin, nose and forehead.

A first time introduction of six variants wet tissues in India by ShoHan. It serves from a newborn baby to an old person of 100 or even above. Resealable, Fragrant, Wet, Hygienic…Is disposable. ShoHan tissues are available in small packs, so no need to carry burdens. Small packs of 12's are handy and can fit in your carry bag, pantpocket, vanity box and even your purse. Six variants of wet tissues are Baby Clean, Baby Skin Care, Lady Care, Easy Clean "n" Care, Magic Clean, PO - Clean.

This is a first time introduction of a multipurpose household cleaning scrubber.It has a shine hard yarn on the soft pad for maximum cleansing of objects like crockery, utensils, cutlery, tiles, floor, even feet. Very very soft and yet tough on the outer. It does not have any sharp edges so does not cut and harm the hands while cleaning anything like the steel scrubbers do. Comes in attractive colours of golden and silver.

To ensure the best quality, we have fully automatic machines and control the humidity in manufacturing area of the factory, which is very essential for the life of the coloring of our product.

We test the products of every batch before releasing from the factory. The products are beautifully packed in convenient packs, that have been designed by a famous Japanese designer.

Quality & Quantity with a vast range of products that was never heard before; we are a step ahead into future. These together provide ShoHan its identity. From quantitative & qualitative research background having vast hands on experience in handling cosmetics is what is the main thing, which makes ShoHan products the best.

Our Commitments  

We want to reach everybody & any body giving attention to their needs irrespective of size of their budget. Introduction with our clients and careful attention to their needs insures best value for money and best buy and need of the hour.

Correct & relevant information is required for almost everything when it is to be used on oneself- This may not be supplied by everyone but we tell all ingredients, how to use, when to use and how often to use, which is a branch in which one may be misguided by others but not ShoHan We believe in selling by telling. Collection & collaboration of ingredients, understanding their significance through proper analysis and going into future at present to bring the best at the best price.

ShoHan is par excellence.

We aspire to become the best with quality and with a multi faceted team of marketers and sales people and wide hands on experience in research and a muti layered system of delivery, we can say we bring the best at your rest.


We have about 300 Distributors throughout India with their attached wholesalers and retailers who take pride in selling our products.


Our network of distribution channel penetrates deep into each city and town of India.

Our clients are our identity.


Our progress never comes to an end as we are always researching for the latest that can be brought at the doorstep without pinching consumer's budget or purse.

4 Quality each time every time is our motto

All manpower is well qualified with relevant experience


We have fully automatic machines and fully trained labour for completion of quality & timely order of any quantity.