You must have heard of baby nappy tissues but now you pamper yourself also, with the same softness, wetness and fragrance while cleaning yourself daily in the toilet.


"ShoHan" introduces first time in India PO-Clean. A wet fragrant tissue for your daily needs of toilet cleaning. No sticking of dry tissue paper on your body in the toilet.

4 No tension while traveling.


"PO-Clean" comes in resealable pouches of 12's.


If you use them while traveling no need of water, just use and re-seal the pack and keep them safe for your next journey.



This seal helps maintain the wetness, fragance and hygiene of the tissues.


It is scented and so you keep smelling good. It is hygienic and pure. Can be carried easily in pant, purses, vanity/travel bags.

4 Easily disposable, can be flushed also.

4 Available in attractive resealable pouches so do not dry and remain wet and feel soft on soft and tender skin.

PS** Reseal the pack properly to maintain the wetness and fragrance.

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