Black Brown: Gentle ShoHan Japanese Hair Dye Hair Color to Reduce Hair Loss (Black Brown) (pack of 6)




“Introducing ShoHan Japanese Formulation Powder Hair Color – Your Hair’s New Best Friend!

Ammonia-Free & Peroxide-Free: Experience vibrant hair color without the harsh chemicals, as our formula is gentle yet effective.

Silky Shine: Unleash the brilliance of your hair with our unique blend, leaving you with a luxurious silky shine that turns heads.

Simply Mix & Apply: No complicated processes! Just add water, mix, and effortlessly apply for salon-quality results at home.

Japanese Formulation: Inspired by the beauty secrets of Japan, our powder hair color brings you the best in haircare innovation.

Long-Lasting Elegance: Enjoy your vibrant hair color for more than 30 days, keeping you radiantly beautiful for weeks.

Versatile Shades: Choose from a range of stunning shades that match your personality and style, allowing you to express yourself like never before.

Nourishing Care: Infused with hair-loving ingredients, our formula helps maintain your hair’s health while delivering exquisite color.

Your Hair Transformation, Delivered: Elevate your hair game with the convenience of home delivery. Experience the salon vibe without leaving your doorstep.

Science Meets Beauty: Crafted with a perfect blend of science and aesthetics, our powder hair color guarantees results that speak for themselves.

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