Electric Blue : ShoHan Ammonia free, with KERATIN, Cruelty free, with KERATIN, Vegan, DIY application, Semi-permanent Hair Color jar




“Introducing Our Vibrant ShoHan Semi-Permanent Hair Color – Unleash Your Inner Trendsetter!

Funky & Fancy Shades: Express yourself like never before with a spectrum of dazzling colors – red, orange, blue, green, purple, and plum.

Long-Lasting Brilliance: Enjoy your bold new look for over 15 days, turning heads with Vibrant ShoHan color that won’t fade away.

Hair Elixir: Infused with ingredients that leave your hair irresistibly smooth, shining, and silky to the touch.

Modern Self-Expression: Embrace the contemporary way to showcase your personality and style, making a statement with every strand.

Effortless Application: Transforming your hair has never been easier. Apply with ease and watch your Vibrant ShoHan makeover unfold.

Social Media-Ready: Get ready for likes and compliments galore! Capture picture-perfect moments that highlight your hair’s brilliance.

Gift of Confidence: Treat yourself or your loved ones to the ultimate hair transformation. The perfect gift for anyone seeking a bold change.

Beyond Ordinary: Say goodbye to ordinary hair days. Elevate your hair game and stand out from the crowd with show-stopping color.

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