Product Range

hoHan's Japanese Instant Powder hair colour raw material is imported from Japan and processed in India and then packed into 6-grm amber glass bottle. It is Ammonia free and Hydrogen Peroxide free. It does not leave any stain on pillows and collars after use and has a built in conditioner. It does not leave hair discoloured if discontinued. It is economical as it can be used again and again if left over.

With proper measuring cup and directions of use this is packed into a convenient box to bring to your doorstep safely, 12 small boxes are packed in outer box. These are then filled in cartons. Famous Japanese Cosmetics designer has designed the boxes.

ShoHan's Black Head removal strip, is a strip, that claims to magically peel away pore clogging dirt and grime oil and debris. Imported from Korea, this strip can be used on chin, nose and forehead also. It also cleans the whiteheads if any. We have beautiful plastic pouches containing a pack of 3, 6 or 12 strips to suit ones need and budget.

A first time introduction of six variants wet tissues in India by ShoHan. It serves from a newborn baby to an old person of 100 or even above.
Resealable, Fragrant, Wet, Hygienic…Is disposable. ShoHan tissues are available in small packs, so no need to carry burdens. Small packs of 12's are handy and can fit in your carry bag, pantpocket, vanity box and even your purse. Six variants of wet tissues are Baby Clean, Baby Skin Care, Lady Care, Easy Clean "n" Care, Magic Clean, PO - Clean.

This is a first time introduction of a multipurpose household cleaning scrubber.It has a shine hard yarn on the soft pad for maximum cleansing of objects like crockery, utensils, cutlery, tiles, floor, even feet. Very very soft and yet tough on the outer. It does not have any sharp edges so does not cut and harm the hands while cleaning anything like the steel scrubbers do. Comes in attractive colours of golden and silver.

Our products are resonably priced so that they do not pinch anybody's pocket & fit into anybody's budget easily.

Our products are totally untouched by man & fully controlled by automatic machines. Each of our product is a challenge for us quality wise, quantity wise and consumers satisfaction wise.

We control the humidity, which is very necessary for life of our products.

We mention Batch No. Manufacturing date & Expiry date on every pack so that any complain or query about a specific lot can be answered or the defect can easily be checked.

ShoHan is always proud to introduce its products which will take care of ones needs from hair to toe. The products are very reasonably priced that do not pinch anybody's pocket and fits into everyone's budget.