Hair Color

Over the years ShoHan has brought back colours into the lives of millions of men and women. As graying hair is not only significance of old age but caused by a host of reasons like improper diet, stress and heredity factors, it is also a problem faced by young people.

ShoHan is proud to introduce this product, ShoHan Japanese Instant Powder hair colour, the most advanced way to colour your hair at home. This is first of the series of personal care products designed to make your life easier.

ShoHan Japanese Instant Powder hair colour is packed into 6-grm amber glass bottle. It is Ammonia free and Hydrogen Peroxide free. It does not leave any stain on pillows and collars after use and has a built in conditioner. It does not leave hair reddish if discontinued. It is economical as it can be used again and again if left over.

ShoHan Japanese Instant Powder hair colour, is a new, revolutionary, longer lasting powder hair colour, that comes from Japan and is packed in India and each pack is tested before launching.

Available in the following colours

Black Black Brown Dark Brown Light Brown

ShoHan Japanese Instant Powder hair colour is easy to use because of its pleasant smell and no staining factor. This does not contain ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. ShoHan hair colour, is made with keeping in mind the health and well being of our clients.

Features / Benefits
4 Does not irritate skin.

ShoHan hair colour allows better grey coverage, remarkable lifting action, better conditioned hair, maximum versatility and lasting true colour.

4 Protects the structure of hair.
4 Provides complete and even distribution of the colour on the hair.
4 Delivers consistent and perfect results.
4 Available in 4 shades.
4 Does not leave colour in water (while swimming/ taking bath).
4 Lasts long (25-30 days.)
4 Does not stain clothes.

This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and a preliminary test according to accompanying directions should be first be made.


The product must not be used for colouring the eyelashes or eyebrows: to do so many cause blindness.

Sub categories of Hair Color
Black Black Brown Dark Brown Light Brown Speedy