is the first and the only one in India to introduce a great time saver:- a 10 minute hair colouring product- ShoHan Speedy. which, in a span of only 10 minutes when applied, colors grey hair perfectly, and maintains hair silky and soft with long-lasting color and a built in conditioner.

ShoHan with his introduction of its new product: ShoHan speedy has also introduced the first Gel hair color. So no more dripping. When you apply ShoHan Speedy it becomes a gel and does not mess. ShoHan Speedy's Sweet perfume gives great pleasure while coloring.

How to use  

Prepare the color mixture
Pour 1.25 gm. ShoHan Speedy powder and 20ml. ShoHan Developer into a cup or bowl. Mix well with brush (enclosed are two sachets each of ShoHan Speedy powder and ShoHan Developer which should be mixed if you have long hair).


Apply the color mixture to dry hair where the hair is grayest along the hair line. Do not apply to the hair when oil has been applied

3. Wait
Wait for 10 minutes
4. Rinse
Rinse well with warm water and shampoo until water runs clear

Note: 1.25 gm. ShoHan Speedy powder and 20ml. ShoHan Developer is enough for short hair, if need arises mix other two sachets enclosed. Apply Petroleum Jelly or any other cream along hairline to avoid staining of skin. Wipe of stains on skin or along hairline with a swab of cotton as soon as they appear.


This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and a preliminary test according to accompanying directions should first be made.


This product must not be used for coloring the eyebrows : to do so may cause blindness. If eye contact occurs immediately wash with cool water.

4 Keep out of reach of children.

Sub categories of Hair Color
Black Black Brown Dark Brown Light Brown Speedy