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The hair colour contained in this packaging must never be used for colouring the hair unless a preliminary skin test has been made. The skin test must be made each and every time before the hair is to be coloured regardless of whether or not a skin test has been made some time previously. The colour used for the preliminary skin test must be a portion of the paste intended to be used for colouring the hair. The sample of colour to be used for preliminary skin test should be mixed and prepared in exactly the same manner and according to the directions applicable to the actual use of the hair colour itself.

By means of a suitable applicator (clean hair brush, cotton tipped applicator, or other applicator) a streak of colour paste not less than a quarter of an inch wide and at least 1 ½ inch long  should be made on the skin and scalp behind the ear. It is important that the streak of colour should be extended into the hairy portion of scalp as well as the portion of the skin that is hairless.

The streak of colour should be permitted to remain for atleast 24 hours. The test should be read 24 hours after application. Preferably the test area should not be covered with any type of dressing and contact with combs, hats, spectacles or any other objects should be avoided.

If redness or burning, itching, small blisters, or any other type of eruption appears in the general area used for skin test during the first 24 hours, the individual is sensitive to colour, and under no circumstances should it be used for colouring the hair. Hair colour should not be used when there is any skin disease or eruption present anywhere on the skin or on the scalp.